Atrovent® HFA (ipratropium bromide HFA) Inhalation Aerosol is an anticholinergic indicated for the maintenance treatment of bronchospasm associated with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), including chronic bronchitis and emphysema.

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Eligible patients 18 years or older may redeem this offer for a free one-month trial of ATROVENT HFA by enrolling online at or calling 1-844-752-5144 or mailing form to Eagle Pharmacy and having their prescription sent to Eagle Pharmacy on or before 12/31/2016. If you live in Massachusetts, offer expires on the earlier of 12/31/2016, or date AB rated generic equivalent is available. This one-time offer is not health insurance, not transferable and no substitutions are allowed. Limit one ATROVENT HFA offer per person during a 12-month period and cannot be combined with any other offer. Only valid for patients in the 50 US states, DC, and Puerto Rico. Void where prohibited by law. Offer may change at any time, without notice. If you have any questions, please call the Help Desk at 1-844-752-5144.


ATROVENT HFA is contraindicated in patients with a history of hypersensitivity to ipratropium, other ATROVENT HFA components, or atropine or any of its derivatives.

ATROVENT HFA is a bronchodilator for the maintenance treatment of bronchospasm associated with COPD and is not indicated for the initial treatment of acute episodes of bronchospasm where rescue therapy is required for rapid response.

Hypersensitivity reactions including urticaria, angioedema, rash, bronchospasm, anaphylaxis, and oropharyngeal edema may occur after the administration of ATROVENT HFA. In clinical trials and post marketing experience with ipratropium containing products, hypersensitivity reactions such as skin rash, pruritus, angioedema of tongue, lips and face, urticaria (including giant urticaria), laryngospasm and anaphylactic reactions have been reported. If such a reaction occurs, therapy with ATROVENT HFA should be stopped at once and alternative treatment should be considered.

ATROVENT HFA can produce paradoxical bronchospasm that can be life threatening. If this occurs, treatment with ATROVENT HFA should be stopped and other treatments considered.

ATROVENT HFA may increase intraocular pressure. This may result in precipitation or worsening of narrow-angle glaucoma. Therefore, ATROVENT HFA should be used with caution in patients with narrow-angle glaucoma.

Patients should avoid spraying ATROVENT HFA into their eyes. If a patient sprays ATROVENT HFA into their eyes, this may cause eye pain or discomfort, temporary blurring of vision, mydriasis, visual halos or colored images in association with red eyes from conjunctival and corneal congestion. Advise patients to consult their physician immediately if any of these symptoms develop while using ATROVENT HFA.

ATROVENT HFA may cause urinary retention. Therefore caution is advised when administering ATROVENT HFA to patients with prostatic hyperplasia, or bladder-neck obstruction.

The most common adverse reactions (>5% incidence in the 12-week placebo-controlled trials) with ATROVENT HFA (placebo) were bronchitis 10% (6%), COPD exacerbations 8% (13%), dyspnea 8% (4%) and headache 6% (8%).

ATROVENT HFA may interact additively with concomitantly used anticholinergic medications. Avoid administration of ATROVENT HFA with other anticholinergic-containing drugs.

Please see full Prescribing Information, including Instructions for Use, for ATROVENT HFA.

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